Automate eCommerce analytics to improve customer experiences, drive conversions and supercharge ROI

What you'll learn

Ecommerce metrics to measure

Read our tips for picking the best KPIs for your online store, and how to tell a ‘good metric’ from a ‘bad metric’.

Key data analysis challenges

Analysing data is getting more difficult for online retailers. Understand what challenges to expect, and how to overcome them.

AI's role in data analysis

Humans weren't made to number crunch - but AI was. Find out how AI supercharges data analysis to save time, money and manpower in eCommerce.

How to automate KPI monitoring

Learn how you can start using AI to automate KPI monitoring in eCommerce today to improve customer experiences, ROI, retention and revenue.


As the leading marketplace for multi-day tours, innovation is at the core of what TourRadar does. With over 50 engineers spread around 14 different teams delivering new features on the platform on a daily basis, Millimetric helps us monitor all our core KPI’s and deliver great new features

Albero Azambuja